SPACE: I take more players as a partner, says coach Jarolim

How did the players perceive him when he joined the show in August?

“Everyone was full of what was going to happen. We’ve been trying to get as much information as possible. When you have a supervisor on a daily basis, it’s different than if you only arrive for a week. True, they are chosen and I take them more as partners. I’m trying to explain a lot, to communicate a lot, and of course, trust, “Jarolim told the TV debate.

No, it was not a good start for engagement that is the top of a career for home coaches. > Three matches, two points, zero goals scored and a World Cup qualifier shortly after the start slid to an almost insoluble task.

“Even bad experience is good when you learn.I believe that we will succeed and we will do even more for the next time, “Jarolim said in a debate.” If we need to get seventeen points, it is five wins out of seven games. And that’s real, “says Jarolim.

Is it possible to advance the world championship after the bloody introduction? Or do I build the team for the next qualification and do not solve the results?

“I believe we can move on. Germany is currently in a slightly different category. But we play with them at home. We learned to be a more dignified rival at home. Matches with Norway, Azerbaijan, Northern Ireland, and I do not want online betting bonuses to underestimate San Marino, will be able to manage even though the optimal team is still looking for.But I do not want it to be at the expense of the results, it would be alibism. ”

The Czech delegation took full time on August 9, when it ended in Mladá Boleslav. He found her in ruins. The long-standing support has ended, and the rest of the rest of the European champions have disappeared from the rest of the championship.

“He would not go to it. And I’m not a shit! I have a great taste. It’s a tremendous honor to be with the Czech Republic. Thank you for that chance. There is nothing more, “Jarolim said before the qualification began.

The team was building from the ground up, starting from scratch, but the results needed right now.The only preparatory match with Armenia has brought hope (3: 0), qualifying duels with Northern Ireland, Germany and, last, Azerbaijan, again a cruel reality. When he named the shortcomings of the team, he touched everyone activities that are essential for today’s football success. Speed, aggressiveness, courage in personal combat, skill, shooting.

“We went on a journey and I believe we are going well. I believe we will put together a strong team, “he does not give up.

Jarolím used to be a great footballer, a cunning and clever midfielder with a magic left. He played in Slavia for years, had a foreign engagement in the French clubs of Rouen and Amiens.At the end of his career, he returned home, rejoined Slavia, Bohemians, Zizkov and Benesov again for almost forty.

For the big football he raised the sons of Luke and David, who played at the 2008 European Championships and for fifteen years in Germany. Anet’s daughter is a floorball representative.

Coach’s career began in Příbram in the late 1990s, then returned to Slavia as assistant to František Cipra and led by the team himself. Although he finished second in 2001, he was recalled. He was followed by Ivan Hašek in Strasbourg, since 2003 he led Slovácko and then another return to Slavia. He lasted for five bet online years and was the most successful era of his club in his modern history.Two titles (2008 and 2009) and progress to the Champions League (2007), where Slavia played for the first and last time.

It was spicy that in March 2010 after a series of failures, the chief coach. It lasted for only a few months, the team did not succeed, club suffered economic problems. He then worked in Slovan Bratislava, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. In January 2014 he was back in the Czech league, Mladá Boleslav was one third, twice fourth and won the home cup. In Europe, however, the team did not make it through the European Championship once.

After this year’s European Championship with Pavel Vrba, Jarolim was the main candidate.Eventually, the chairman of the association, Pelt, nodded that Boleslav would lead the end of the European League qualification. But after a surprise disqualification in the 3rd pre-season with Macedonian Tetov, his departure from the club accelerated.

His life changed. “In the representation and in the club, it is a completely different job for the coach. You are not daily on the pitch, but you only have a player for a week and then not for a long time. But I would be a bad coach if he had nothing to do. I follow closely the adherents of the team, the rival. You must prepare the material so that it works at the event because you have little time. I thought it would not be so complicated, but it’s challenging. “