Brighton & Hove Albion – Stoke City 2:2

Brighton, eventually in an attractive and unimpressed fanciful match, fired a home draw with Stoke City. The guests were twice in the lead but could not keep it once

In the first sign of a solid opportunity, Knockaert got to the center of Izquierda, but he could not hit the ball. Over time, however, the guests took the initiative, who were a bit better overall. After a quarter-hour of play, Shawcross could have sent Shawcross to the corner, but goalkeeper Ryan made a very good move.

On the other hand he controlled the quick Izquierdo, who after Kort Zouma got behind his back, but he was caught by the far goal of the goal of Grant. The opening betclic bonus goal came just before half an hour. It was Shaqiri who called the ball for the ball, and Choupo-Motinga made a great deal of his defense and then sent him coldly to the pole.

Thirty-ninth minute brought a controversial moment – Murray, who was overwhelmed by Shawcross, broke into the limelight, but Mason did not duck at the penalty kick. But the home did not have to be angry too long, two minutes before the end, Propeper broke out of the difficult situation and found ground-level Grosse alone, who compared the ground blow.

However, the cabin was not in the wrong position – the home defense set off on a corner kick and left the free Zoum, which was rewarded by a balloon, and Chelsea’s triumphist pushed him close to the net.

For a moment after the break, Brighton’s loss could be even twofold when Proepper missed his own lime, and Sobhi was ahead of Ryan, but the home team’s keeper eventually managed to eliminate his projectile.

The Stoke City footballer could regret a little later – Murray, in a wicked pass, approached Izquierd, who was still trying to win under him but only shot Wimmer, from which the balloon bounced back to the Brighton wings, which he did not hesitate and wound the Unibet online betting free bets ground cleaned the balloon behind the back of helpless Grant.

In the remaining half-hour, though, they were home-made by the more active team, but they did not get any chance at this, so the match reached a decent division of points after the 2-2 draw